Simon Misner
BFA Graphic Design
Rhode Island School 
Of Design

Print and Web Media︎
  1. Standardized Stiff
  2. Mapping McCoy
  3. Zombie Modernism
  4. Soylent Green Rebrand
  5. Providence Public Library Archive
  7. Enviroment Infographic
  8. Crystal Goblet Fold Out
  9. Love Letter to Craigslist
  10. A Print About Sex

Design Off The Page︎
  1. Type as an Experiment
  2. Mirror Collection

Sketchs and Notes︎

— Info

I enjoy thinking conceptually and designing from research. I believe both art and design that live in the public space are a vital part of a productive society. Through design, we can meaningfully engage people on an everyday bases. I am working to challenge peoples thinking and generate productive conversation.